Angel Cameo Jewelry - Does It Have Magical Powers?

Published: 11th November 2010
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Angel Cameo jewelry has been worn for many generations and is known for guidance and protection.

Angel Cameo Jewelry is made in necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and brooches. Each giving you the protection and guidance you deserve as a child of God almighty.

Cameo is a method of carving fine jewelry. Carving is done mostly on stones or a shell. The design, can be silhouette of anything , such as a portrait of an Angel . Hence named " Angel Cameo". Cameos are commonly cut out of the light-colored section, and the dark portion is left as the background which gives it the beautiful contrast .

Angels are said to be messengers of God, " spiritual beings " found in many religious traditions. One of the roles of angels include protecting and guiding humans .

Which is why Angel Cameo Jewelry is said to have the spiritual powers of guidance and protection. The divine guidance and protection that comes from the glorious heavens above against the constant evil of the world.

Angels in Cameo jewelry is commonly seen in three forms, there are the small playful cherub angels, the loving female adult angels and the masculine male adult angels, all having the power of protection and divine guidance at their finger tips.

Much of Angel Cameo Jewelry is set in an exquisitely designed 10 or 14K gold. Gold filled, and solid sterling silver is great for added beauty and value without the added cost. Although there are some people that still really do prefer the traditional way of making and wearing of fine jewelry. 14K gold is still the number one choice, weather it be white gold or yellow gold that includes the very special Angel Cameo necklaces.

To keep the costs at a minimum some people prefer the 14K gold filled which does give the rich appearance of pure gold, over the much more abundant solid sterling silver tremendously helps consumers with the ever increasingly high cost of gold and other precious metals. 14K gold filled seems to be becoming more popular lately due the economic down turn of 2008 which we are still recovering from.

Angel Cameo Jewelry can have enhancement stones set in it. Some examples of many types stones that have been set in Angel Cameo Jewelry are diamonds, rubies, sapphires,pearls and many more of the precious and semi precious stones have been found in Angel cameo Jewelries. CZs or also known as (cubic zirconia) have as well found their way into the settings of many cameo mountings including Angel Cameos. CZs tend to make it more absolutely precious looking without the high cost of diamonds. Then add the beauty of genuine jade or agate and these Angel Cameos make a profound impression in any occasion.

So you see Angel Cameo Jewelry can be affordable but is still lovingly hand carved in a very long and arduous process. That process makes every piece special, affordable, practical, and sophisticated. But most of all is an artistic rendition that may offer piece of mind, protection and beauty not only to its wearer but to the world!

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